We have become twenty years old. In the life of a theatre, a majestic celebration would be due for such an occasion, but instead of eating a cake with our friends and beloved, this time, we are going through solitary remembrance. We must, however, remember the twenty official years of operation worthily, and for that, we have chosen an irregular way. Go along our virtual tour, take your time at the important stations in the life of our theatre, watch the steps of our becoming a professional theatre through set designs and puppets. Get acquainted with the famous artists whose talents have helped us grow, and the performances that the memories of the children of Veszprém still nurture. We believe that the history of a puppet theatre is best told by the puppets themselves.

Like in a puppet theatre performance that works, here you can also see those who move the puppets: in our own offices, storage spaces, corridors, and on the stage the characters of the theatre’s daily life are resting motionless. We all know that in order to breathe life into them we need actors, as we need a company for the operation of a puppet theatre. Come and see how we live, where we work, and how we do the creative work – celebrate with us!

3 April 2021, Veszprém