Our theatre has been institutionalised thanks to the enthusiastic and resilient artists who invented “cicadaness” (kabóca is the Hungarian word for cicada): László Sarkadi Nagy and Zsolt Végh started the operation of our team as amateurs in form of a studio in 1992. Due to their stamina and high-quality professionalism, the no-longer so naïve theatre became an official institution in 2001. They were followed by Gáborján Kovács, then Andrea Székely, as general directors – each of them with their own style and selection of repertoire.

Since 2018, András Szőke-Kavinszki has been the general director. We lay special emphasis on street theatre, circus, and performances on stilts, but grand-stage and studio performances also feature among our monthly programme. It is our firm belief that the genre of puppet theatre is not solely for children, we thus offer special performances for adult audiences, as well. This thought inspired our monthly event “Daddy, Mummy, Children”, where programmes are offered to each and every member of the family either from our own repertoire, or the quality performances of our fellow theatres, as well as independent family puppet theatres.

Our “Cicadia Family Festival” (Kabóciádé Családi Fesztivál) is an annual outdoor event, where guests are welcome from all age groups for several days: there are special themes every year, around which performances, playhouses, adventure trips and other activities await those interested, topped with concerts and quality playgrounds. Queen Juniper (Boróka királynő) and King Habakkuk (Habakuk király), known as the royal hosts of the festival for years, have been entertaining their guests for as many as thirty years now.