Greetings, where is the Water?
Date:2023.04.22 | Duration: 45 Minutes 4+

Greetings, where is the Water? 

It is pretty annoying when someone wants to take a bath but it turns out that there is no water in the house. This is how our adventure starts. Also there is not much time because duty starts in the evening. Our protagonist – Imolka – the young railwaywoman wants to solve the mysterious disappearance of the water. Meanwhile she meets the denizens of the apartment building: the old lady, the old man, the dog and the cat. Our story takes place in the second part of the last century, more precisely in Hungary, with humorous references and lots of fistfights. For the little ones it is a first meeting with a real fairground puppet play, for the bigger ones it is a nostalgic voyage. 

Puppeteer: Imola Gidófalvi 

Dramaturg: Viktória Szántó 

Composer: Balázs Böhm 

Puppet designer: Zoltán Ferenczi 

Visuals: Balázs Szalai 

Set designer: György Mészáros 

Director: Ágoston Jakab Mészáros 


Workshop: Péter Kerekes, Krisztina Somogyi, Ágnes Zsida