Date:2021.04.16 | Duration: 60 Minutes 4+

Jeffrey Sterling VII, hopeful of the title of the Earl of Somerset, also known as Lil Jeff, lives on the mainland but it is his firm intention to become the risk analyst of oil drilling towers. One day he falls into the North Sea, and he falls and falls and falls… until Greta VII, hopeful of the title of the Empress of the Deep Seas, also known as Lil Greta, swallows him. Thus the most exciting adventures of Lil Jeff’s life begin – an encounter with the world of the Deep Seas.

A heart-warming story about the friendship between a little boy and a little whale, the power of forgiveness, the togetherness of the worlds above and under water.

The performance was inspired by Greta, the book of tales by Andrea Gregushova.

The performance has been supported by the Ministry of Human Resources.

Photo: Roland Peka

Photo: Peka Roland

Writer: Róbert Markó
Set designer: Rita Bartal Kiss (Blattner Géza Award winner)
Composer: Hanna Cseri
Assistant director: Éva Viktória Boldizsár
Director: Anna Markó-Valentyik

Lord Jeffrey Sterling VI, Earl of Somerset (Big Jeff): Csongor Berta
Jeffrey Sterling VII, seven-year-old little son of the Earl (Lil Jeff): Patrik Miller
Greta VI, Empress of the Deep Seas (Big Greta), a long-winged whale: Réka Szívós
Lil Greta, grandchild of the Empress, a long-winged whale: Zsuzsanna Benkő
Ruda the Rude, military consultant to the Empress of the Deep Seas, a shortfin mako shark: Ágoston Mészáros
Claus the Clement, peace consultant to the Empress of the Deep Seas, a hermit crab: Dorottya Lucia Taba
Miroslav Whatever, chancellor factotum to the Empress of the Deep Seas and the Scientific Senate of the Deep Seas, a John Dory: Csongor Berta
Featuring: István Tihanyi



Péter Kerekes 

Krisztina Somogyi 

Ágnes Szabóné Zsida