Date:1970.01.01 | Duration: 20 Minutes 0+

Move and twist along with us in our brand-new art space!
Jittery is a place where toddlers giggle, bears chase birds, summer becomes autumn, winter makes snowy clouds fly, and spring whispers poems.
There are some who hum, some who play music, and some who listen in silence. Which one will you be?
The poems by Sándor Kányádi in Jittery art space.

Common play with the little ones,
With sounds and rhymes,
With shapes and colours.

Designer: Kata Várszegi
Director: Ágnes Török

Zsuzsanna Benkő
Réka Szívós


Péter Kerekes 

Krisztina Somogyi 

Ágnes Szabóné Zsida