Date:2022.01.23 | Duration: 30 Minutes 0+

What does our home mean to us, where can we find our home in the world? We get our answers to these questions through the meeting of a little girl and a hedgehog, while the creators present us with some picturesque scenic tableaus. As the windows of the enchanted screen open and close, we learn more and more about this magical place, where all of us – actors, spectators, puppets and melodies alike – can find our common home.

Photo: Peka Roland

Dramaturge: Viktória Szántó
Composer: Zoltán Krulik
Animation: Gábor Áfrány
Designer, director: Rita Bartal Kiss (Blattner Géza Award winner)

Zsuzsanna Benkő
Imola Gidófalvi

…and our honourable guest creators are the children of Veszprém.



Kerekes Péter

Somogyi Krisztina

Szabóné Zsida Ágnes