Date:2018.05.12 | Duration: 25 Minutes 0+

-ages 0 to 4 years-

Two settings, two actors, and the black-and-white world gets gradually coloured during the performance. Tiny miracles are born in front of our eyes: the rug starts to croak, a yellow dot buzzes, a blue ribbon bursts out dancing and the scenery starts slowly to bloom. Our performance is a first experience for the smallest theatre-goers, with its simple shapes, colours and lots of playfulness. Simultaneously, the setting of the performance is a textile playground awaiting to be discovered, where tiny hands can work new and new wonders…


Photo: Takács Renáta

Dramaturge: Melinda Sőregi
Set design: Eszter Csóka
Music: Katalin Koltai
Director: Zsófia Vesztl

Zsuzsanna Benkő
Dorottya Lucia Taba


Péter Kerekes 

Krisztina Somogyi 

Ágnes Szabóné Zsida