Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Zrt.
Support of complex projects tender
Tender code: OC-PLX/2-2021/691505

The goal of Cicada Puppet Theatre is to become a modern, versatile, quality puppet theatre of regional and national recognition. To achieve this, the institution must reinvigorate itself in all fields, which requires a multi-step development.

The precedent to the present tender is Haszkovó Circulade supported by ECC, during which circus as performing art was integrated into the everyday activities of the theatre, enriching the company members with specific skills. Our summer outdoor festivals and events have always provided exquisite opportunities to street theatre, and with the appearance of circus, the professional profile of our theatre has taken a further step forward.

For our two-year project Cicade Circulade, we would like to make it straightforward that puppet theatre is a versatile, all-encompassing form of art, which can address children as well as adults. We therefore differentiate between a Maxi and a Mini Circulade along these lines.

The three components of Maxi Circulade: a performance with stilts, one with giant puppets, and one of puppet circus. The vital tool of the “MaxiCirculade” performance is a well-equipped tent with 80 seats, which would not only be applied during our regional outings but as the set of one of our upcoming performances. The second component of our maxi events is our giant puppet programme, which serves as the outdoor/street realisation of the genre, being thereby able to appear at various outdoor events, marches, opening and closing ceremonies. As part of this, we are recreating the extinct and endangered wildlife of Lake Balaton, in collaborative workshops with MOME Budapest, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre of Timişoara, and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. We are planning to involve the sustainability workshop of Pannon University as well. During Mini Circulade. we are continuing the programme series established in our tender Haszkovó Circus for under-7 children, performing our Minicircus, Fairy Tale Circus, Minimarionette, Baby Bistro productions in kindergartens and our weekend programmes, as well as going on with our juggler and puppeteer workshops. 

The events have been supported by Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme.