Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Zrt..
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Tender code: OC-PLX/1-2021-231

We are planning to expand the upcoming Cicadia Family Festival year by year, so that we can organize one of the most colourful series of programmes in 2023 for young and old. The thematic line will be the slogan “On earth, on water, on air”, which can be found in our institutional policy, too: in 2021, we are focussing on sustainability on earth, in 2022, we are spreading water beings all over the event space Chapels and Gardens, and in 2023, the air will be the context of inspiration. The all-encompassing international arts event will house stage theatre, local and foreign performers who have so far never been seen in Veszprém and the region, and who will go on stage on the little fish pond in the valley, as well as the roofs of Haszkovó. It is one of our top goals to address every age group of the potential audience, offering quality events from intimate toddler theatres to giant puppet marches to performances specially intended for adult audiences. What is more, special attention will be granted to the fellow theatres or high-quality independent companies of our twin cities, as well as the invitation of special productions by the European Capitals of Culture from the other two countries.

In 2023, the jubilee of the 30th Cicadia Family Festival is to be organized during the summer. The several-day-long outdoor event could appear this year too at its original venue (Chapels and Gardens event space) as well as plenty of other parts of the city – or even in form of a short outing in other parts of the region. We are holding workshops including university and high school students to prepare for the festival, so that the giant puppets, the playing spaces, the various stations used during activities could be born as part of a collaborative creative process. Among the international performers, the invitation of Compagnie La Pendue, La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi, El Fedito Company or Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls Theatre Company is also in progress. One of the main events of the outdoor festival, the Adventure Tour at Night is expecting real crowds of people this year, and we are involving independent companies as well during its planning and realization. Furthermore, it is our goal to involve several schools and kindergartens in order to provide opportunities to the kids to show their skills.

The event has been supported by Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme.