Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Zrt..
Project code: P-P0127
Tender code: OC-MUV/3-2021/235817

It is our goal to change the profile of our Fairy Tale Festival, which was scheduled for spring 2022, and to integrate the event into the local culture and art scene. We are planning to organize a series of events which focuses on the underlying questions of the genre of puppet theatre, investigating its pedagogic references as well as emphasising the social responsibility of the genre. According to our ideas, the event would rest on three legs. First, puppet theatre performances will be held in Cicada Puppet Theatre, to strengthen the festival’s profile, and owing to their selected topics, these performances would provide a basis for the second leg: the background events, the workshops, analyses, conferences addressing the world of theatre as well as teachers. These events would take place at Pannon University. The third leg will be the practical part, during whose workshops non-verbal, adult theatre études would be born involving university students. The goal of the études would be to turn theory into practice, making the genre topical. We would like to demonstrate where current modern fairy tale research and literature are at, and that their results do not only support the experimental productions of puppet theatre, but also literature, dance, film and music. By embarking upon the journey along with Pannon University to establish a professional strategy, our theatre intends to convince students and teachers, and hopes to find several other opportunities to work together with the theatrical education programmes of the university. We find it crucial to provide opportunities for local students who are eager to engage in creative work, through urging them to join the operation of a professional institution of performing arts, which would later offer alternatives to our future workforce-related problems..

The conference section of the Fairy Tale Festival scheduled for April is organized under the surveillance of Gábor Kovács DLA. During the three-day event, we are planning to have a workshop conversation with Eszter Vörös along with a movie screening, as well as the presentations of fairy tale researchers Ildikó Sándor and Mariann Domonkos, who have their roots in the region.

During the selection process of the weekend festival programmes, our principal guideline was to invite performances of high professional quality which had not been created along the lines of the traditional age-group categories, and which can address adults and bigger children as well. The programmes offer professional workshop conversations and training opportunities to partner teachers, under the guidance of Terka Láposi, Róbert Markó and Gyöngyi Écsi.

The event has been supported by Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme.